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Radiation is a natural part of our environment. The average amount of radiation an individual receives from natural background radiation is 620 millirem (mrem) per year (e.g., naturally occurring materials in soil, cosmic rays from outer space, medical and dental exposures, etc.). At Fermilab there are some areas where radiation levels above natural background levels may exist due to the operation of our accelerators. If radiation levels exceed 5 mrem/hr, the area is designated as a Radiation Area and posted with signs.

Scientific tours with valid technical needs may be permitted to visit experimental or accelerator areas that are posted as Radiation Areas. Visitors to such areas must be escorted by a tour guide who is currently trained as a radiation worker at Fermilab and is otherwise qualified to enter such areas. Tours to such areas shall be approved by the Division/Section Head and the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) responsible for the area. Members of tours shall be provided an orientation commensurate with the hazards presented in the area and assigned dosimetry in accordance with Article 941 of the Fermilab Radiological Control Manual, which give the details of the Laboratory policy on such visits.

-Prepared by ESH&Q Section Radiation Physics Departments

Event Rules

The person or persons proposing an event (hereafter referred to as the sponsor) is responsible to see that all activities conform to Fermilab's Safety Policy and comply with the following conditions:
  1. No events are allowed except by formal approval of the Facilities Request Form.
  2. Fermilab organizations intending to use contract funds for meeting refreshments, meals or continental breakfasts must adhere to the "Use of Contract Funds for the Provision of Refreshments and Meals at Fermilab Hosted Meetings" policy.
  3. Under the provisions of the Fermilab liquor license, alcoholic beverages must be purchased through Fermilab's Food Services.
  4. Dispensing of alcoholic beverages at Fermilab requires certified servers.
  5. Except with special permission, events at which alcoholic beverages are available will be limited to four hours and will end promptly at the approved hour. Site Security will remind the sponsor thirty (30) minutes before the approved closing hour, but it is the sponsor's responsibility to get all participants to leave in an orderly and prompt manner.
  6. Food and beverages requested through Fermilab's Food Services and not charged to a Project/Task require payment prior to the date of the event or upon delivery of food and beverages.
  7. All equipment needed or used for the event must be listed on the Facilities Request Form. This includes rental equipment.
  8. Posters require the approval by the Office of Communication before distribution and may not advertise the availability of alcoholic beverages.

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Last updated 07-21-08