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Fermilab's scientific journal subscriptions give automatic site-wide online access. They are also accessible off-site by following these instructions: Offsite Electronic Access.

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Accelerator Physics at the Tevatron Collider
Accelerator Physics at the Tevatron Collider ebook

Dedicated to Fermilabís staff, this just released book, edited by Valery Lebedev and Vladimir Shiltsev, presents developments in accelerator physics and technology implemented at the Tevatron collider.
It details the complexity and breadth of the issues associated with modern hadron colliders, and provides a systematic approach for the design and construction of future generation colliders.
We have a copy of this new book in the Fermilab library. It is also available as an eBook online.

New Subscription to TUGBoat: Communications of the TEX Users Group

Fermilab now has access to this year's current issues of TUGboat, in print and online, as well as online access back to volume 1, 1980.

Springer eBooks Available

We have site-wide access to thousands of Springer eBooks. The book-chapter PDFs are easy to view and download. View new eBooks from Springer


Access to Scientific Journals at Fermilab

The Fermilab Library is responsible for providing access to scientific journals and articles needed by researchers here. The most common means of access is by site license for online access to major journals such as The Physical Review set, Science, Nature, The IEEE journals set, Optics InfoBase, Nuclear Instruments and Methods, and the Science Direct/Elsevier High Energy Physics and Astronomy Backfile, which includes articles up to 1995 in 20 prominent journals (more current articles are mainly available as preprints through Spires.) All told, we have site licenses to over 400 journals. READ MORE . . .