Fermilab Technical Publications

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FERMILAB-MASTERS-2018-02 Brown, Garrett Ryan DUNE (DUNE) Texas U., Arlington Sensitivity Study for Low Mass Dark Matter Search at DUNE
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2018-01 Narug, Colin S. Northern Illinois U. Thermal Analysis of Fermilab Mu2e Beamstop and Structural Analysis of Beamline Components
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2017-05 Scanavini,Giacomo ArgoNeuT (T962) Yale U. First Measurement of One Pion Production in Charged Current Neutrino and Antineutrino Events on Argo
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2017-04 Spagliardi, Fabio LArIAT Manchester U. Developing Light Collection Enhancements and Wire Tensioning Methods for LArTPC Neutrino Detectors
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2017-03 Fiedler, Andrew J. FNAL-E-0989 (Muon g-2) Northern Illinois U. A Study of Particle Beam Spin Dynamics for High Precision Experiments
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2017-02 Elkins, Miranda J. FNAL-E-0938 (MINERvA) Minnesota U., Duluth Using Nucleon Multiplicities to Analyze Anti-Neutrino Interactions with Nuclei
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2017-01 Hejdukova, Jana B. CTU, Prague High-accuracy local positioning network for the alignment of the Mu2e experiment.
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2016-07 Kurbanov, Serdar FNAL-E-0929 (NOvA) Virginia U. Data Driven Trigger Design and Analysis for the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2016-06 Tosciri, Cecilia FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. Approaching the CDF Top Quark Mass Legacy Measurement in the Lepton+Jets channel with the Matrix Ele
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2016-05 Scarpelli, Andrea Ferrara U. Development of a synchrotron radiation beam monitor for the Integrable Optics Test Accelerator
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2016-04 Bradascio, Federica FNAL-E-0973 (Mu2e) Pisa U. Studies of the Impact of Magnetic Field Uncertainties on Physics Parameters of the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2016-03 Green, A.T. Northern Illinois U. Devolopment of a Python Based Emittance Calculator at Fermilab Science & Technology (FAST) Facility
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2016-02 Martin, Luke Daniel FNAL-E-0973 (Mu2e) Northern Illinois U. Thermal and Structural Analysis of Beamline Components in the Mu2e Experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2016-01 Mott, Casey Benjamin FNAL-E-0973 (Mu2e) Northern Illinois U. Research and Development for the Mu2e extinction Monitor
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-09 Diaz Bautista, Gonzalo A. FNAL-E-0938 (MINERvA) Lima, Pont. U. Catolica Determinacion del error sistematico del momentum de muones producidos por interacciones neutrino-nuc
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-08 Juarez Lopez, David Pavel IOTA Guanajuato U. Beam Position Monitor and Energy Analysis at the Fermilab Accelerator Science and Technology Facilit
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-07 Karns, Patrick R. Indiana U. Commissioning and Operation of the FNAL Front end Injection Line and Ion Sources.
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-06 Del Tutto, Marco FNAL-E-0929 (NOvA) Rome U. Neutrino Beam Simulations and Data Checks for the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-05 Demgen, John Gibney FNAL-E-0938 (MINERvA) Minnesota U., Duluth Nuclear Effects in Quasi-Elastic and Delta Resonance Production at Low Momentum Transfer
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-04 Okafor, Udenna FNAL-E-0973 (Mu2e) Northern Illinois U. Design and Analysis of Muon Beam Stop Support Structures
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-03 Nutini, Irene Florence U. Study of charged particles interaction processes on Ar in the 0.2 - 2.0 GeV energy range through com
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-02 Miltenberger, Ethan Ryan Minnesota U., Duluth Nuclear Effects in Neutrino Interactions at Low Momentum Transfer
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2015-01 Soleti, Stefano R. FNAL-E-0973 (Mu2e) Rome U., La Sapienza, Dip. di Matematica Study of requirements and performances of the electromagnetic calorimeter for the Mu2e experiment at
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2014-03 Principato, Cristiana FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Rome U., Tor Vergata Search for an Invisible Decaying Higgs Boson in Dilepton Events with the CDF detector at the Fermila
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2014-02 Solmaz, Melih CERN-LHC-CMS (CMS) Purdue U. Search for New Physical Phenomena via Displaced Muon Signatures with the CMS Detector at the LHC
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2014-01 Marchese, Luigi FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Bologna U. Measurement of low pT D+ meson production cross section at CDF II
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-11 Fiorentini Aguirre, Guillermo Arturo MINERvA Rio de Janeiro, CBPF Measurement of Muon Neutrino Quasielastic Scattering on a Hydrocarbon Target at $E_{\nu}$ $\sim$3.5
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-10 Meister, Daniel FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Zurich, ETH The lepton+jets Selection and Determination of the Lepton Fake Rate with the Full RunIIb Data Set
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-09 Galloni, Camilla FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. Measurement of the ratio $B(t \to W b)/B(t \to W q)$ in $t\bar{t}$ dilepton channel at CDF
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-08 Psihas Olmedo, Silvia Fernanda FNAL-E-0929 (NOvA) Minnesota U., Duluth Muon Energy Reconstruction Through the Multiple Scattering Method in the NO$\mathrm{\nu}$A Detectors
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-05 Bhatia, Sudeep Singh FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Mississippi U. Measurement of Angular Coefficients of Drell-Yan $e^+e^-$ pairs in $p \bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-04 Page, Kedar Mohan CDMS (CDMS) Queen's U. A modified detector concept for SuperCDMS: The HiZIP and its charge performance
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-03 Backfish, Michael Electron Cloud in Steel Beam Pipe vs Titanium Nitride Coated and Amorphous Carbon Coated Beam Pipes
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-02 Moens, Vince EPFL-ISIC, Lausanne Experimental and Numerical Studies on the Proposed Application of Hollow Electron Beam Collimation f
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2013-01 Zorzetti, Silvia Pisa U. Digital Signal Processing and Generation for a DC Current Transformer for Particle Accelerators
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2012-07 Ronzani, Manfredi FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. Improving the Acceptance in the Single Top Quark Analysis using 7.5 fb$^{-1}$ of CDF data
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2012-06 Marino, Pietro FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. Measurement of the ratio of branching fractions $B(Bs \rightarrow Ds K)B(Bs \rightarrow Ds \pi)$ at
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2012-05 Bianchi, Ludovico FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Rome U., Tor Vergata Search for $W'\to t b $ in Events with Large Missing Transverse Energy and Jets with the CDF detecto
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2012-04 Gramellini, Elena FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Bologna U. Study of Low $p_{T}$ $D^{0}$ Meson Production at CDF II in $p\bar{p}$ Collisions at $\sqrt{s}$ = 900
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2012-03 Alvarez, Matthew L. DES (Dark Energy Survey) IIT, Chicago The Development of a Cryogenic Over-Pressure
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2012-01 Giannelli, Pietro Turin Polytechnic Design of a signal conditioner for the Fermilab Magnet Test Facility
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-11 Grillo, Lucia FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Trieste U. Measurement of $B/s$ lifetime, decay width difference and polarization amplitude of the $B/s\to J/\P
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-10 Vernieri, Caterina FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. A Novel Technique to Reconstruct the Mass of the Associated Z boson Decaying into Jets in W+Z and Z+
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-09 Cremonesi, Matteo FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Rome U., Tor Vergata Development of a multivariate tool to reject background in a WZ diboson search for the CDF experimen
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-08 Bertoli, Gabriele FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Trieste U. Search for a Standard Model Higgs Boson in the Channel $VH\to VWW$ with Leptons and Hadronic $\tau$
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-06 Abu-Ajamieh, Fayez NIU Evaluation of an Integrated Read-Out Layer Prototype
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-04 Bentivegna, Marco FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Rome U. Search for new physics in the ttbar plus missing transverse energy channel using fully hadronic top
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-03 Morris, Aaron Owen Northern Illinois U. Physics validation studies for muon collider detector background simulations
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-02 Hussain, Nazim FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) McGill U. A Simultaneous Measurement of the $b$-tagging Efficiency Scale Factor and the $t\bar{t}$ Production
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2011-01 Seitz, Claudia FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Rutgers U., Piscataway Search for hadronic resonance in multijet final states with the CDF detector
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2010-07 Martinez Caicedo,David MINERvA Rio de Janeiro, CBPF Commisionamento e Analise do Feixe de Teste do experimento MINERvA
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2010-06 Rubbo, Francesco FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Turin U. Search for a $Z(4430)^{\pm} \to \psi(2S)\pi^{\pm}$ resonance in hadron collisions at CDF II
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2010-05 Buchmann, Marco-Andrea FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Zurich, ETH Improving Higgs Sensitivity at CDF by Introducing New Muon Triggers
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2010-04 Pani, Priscilla FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) INFN, Rome Search for $p \bar{p} \rightarrow WZ \rightarrow l\nu_l b \bar{b}$ signal with the CDF experiment at
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2010-03 Hanson, Steven CJ Northwestern U. Soil aggregate carbon storage in restored tallgrass prairies: a comparative analysis between a forme
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2010-02 Prewitt, Michelle Victoria FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Rice U. Operation of the Run IIB D0 Luminosity System and Determination of the Run IIB Luminosity Constant
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2010-01 Bartalesi, Antonio Pisa U. Design of High Field Solenoids made of High Temperature Superconductors
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-11 Bucciantonio, Martina FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. Improving Online Track Reconstruction at High-Luminosity Colliders: the Gigafitter Upgrade at CDF
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-10 Duchini, Janusica FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Siena U. A multivariate approach for the extraction of WW/WZ $\rightarrow$ $l\nu$ + Jets events at CDF II.
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-09 Leo, Sabato FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. On the resolution in a measurement of dijet invariant mass when searching for associated WZ producti
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-08 Bauce, Matteo FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Padua U. Z$^{0}$Z$^{0}$ production cross section measurement in the four lepton decay channel at CDF experime
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-07 Fratangelo, Enrico Pisa U. Optimization of Helium Vessel Design for ILC Cavities.
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-06 Palomino Gallo, Jose Luis FNAL-E-0938 (MINERvA) Rio de Janeiro, CBPF Tests of the Hardware and Software for the Reconstruction of Trajectories in the Experiment {MINER$\
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-05 Shekhar, Ravi FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Duke U. A Search for the Higgs Boson in the $ZH$ Dilepton Decay Channel at CDF II
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-04 Bartelsi, Antonio Pisa U. Design of high field solenoids made of high temperature superconductors
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-03 Fraioli, Andrea INFN, Pisa Klystron switching power supplies for the Internation Linear Collider
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-02 Dorigo, Mirco FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) INFN, Trieste Measurement of the polarization amplitudes of the Bs -> PhiPhi decay at CDF II
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2009-01 Edstrom, Dean R. Indiana U. Measurement of Beam Tunes in the Tevatron Using the BBQ System
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-13 Zhang, Long FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Alberta U. Observation of exclusive charmonium production and gamma gamma ---> mu+ mu- in p anti-p collisions a
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-12 Horn, Dominik Emmanuel FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Karlsruhe U. Measurement of the Branching Fractions of $B \to D_s^{(*)+}D_s^{(*)-}$ Meson Decays at CDF II
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-11 Cooke, Michael P. FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Rice U. Operation and efficiency of the D0 Central Track Trigger
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-10 Trovato, Marco FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. A New Top Mass Measurement in The Dilepton Channel
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-09 Sforza, Federico FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) INFN, Pisa Improving acceptance for Higgs events at CDF
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-08 Willingham, Alison N. Ohio State U. Emerging factors associated with the decline of a gray fox population and multi-scale land cover ass
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-07 Danuso, Marco Pisa U. Study of electromechanical effects in high field accelerator magnets
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-05 Glatzer, Julian FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Rutgers U., Piscataway Probing mSUGRA with a Search for Chargino-Neutralino Production using Trileptons
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-04 Pasero, Spencer Lee Northern Illinois U. A quantitative study of a physics-first pilot program
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-03 Roy, Philippe FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) McGill U. Relative transverse momentum distributions of bottom hadrons produced in 1.96 TeV proton-antiproton
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-02 Lopez-Hinojosa, Guillermo FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) San Luis Potosi U. Determinaci\'on de la raz\'on de decaimiento de $\Lambda_c^+ \to p\pi^+\pi^-$
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2008-01 Peiffer, Thomas FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Karlsruhe U. Search for the Higgs Boson in the WH Channel with the CDF II Experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2007-04 Chan, Kevin FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Alberta U. Triggering on single top events at the D0 experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2007-03 Mackin, Dennis Stephen, Jr. FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Rice U. Multivariate search for the lightest Supersymmetric partner of the top quark
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2007-02 Brown, Justin L. Ohio State U. The influence of coyotes on an urban Canada goose population in the Chicago metropolitan area
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2007-01 Pozzobon, Nicola FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Pisa U. Experimental Study of $W Z$ Intermediate Bosons Associated Production with the CDF Experiment at the
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-11 Indurthy, Dharmaraj Texas U. Secondary Beam Monitors for the NuMI Facility at FNAL
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-10 Buzatu, Adrian FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) McGill U. High-luminosity primary vertex selection in top-quark studies using the Collider Detector at Fermila
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-09 Flores Castillo, Angel de Jesus FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) San Luis Potosi U. Search for Baryon resonances in the experiment SELEX E781
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-08 Dhaliwal, Daljit K. FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Wayne State U. Calculation of acceptance and efficiency for $D^0 \to e^+ e^-$ and rates of pions and kaons faking e
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-07 Kulkarni, Nagesh P. FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Wayne State U. Simulation of neutral D mesons-neutral D-bar mesons mixing and preliminary analysis of CDF data
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-06 Sanchez-Lopez, Jose Luis FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) San Luis Potosi U. Polarization of lambda0 and antilambda0 produced in sigma- and proton - nucleon collisions
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-05 Weinelt, Julia FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Karlsruhe U., EKP Measurement of the charge asymmetry in top-antitop quark production with the CDF II experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-03 Brandt, Oleg FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Bonn U. Measurement of the mass of the top quark in dilepton final states with the D0 detector
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-02 B├╝hler, Matthias FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Karlsruhe U., EKP Search for Electroweak Single-Top Quark Production with the CDF II Experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2006-01 Lueck, Jan FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Karlsruhe U., EKP Kinematics of electroweak single top quark production
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2005-05 Schilithz, Anderson Correa FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS) Rio de Janeiro, CBPF Amplitude Analysis of the Decay $D_s^+ \to \pi^+ \pi^- \pi^+$ in the Experiment E831/FOCUS
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2005-04 Seixas de Rezende, Fabio Antonio FNAL-E-0769 Rio de Janeiro, CBPF A Dependence Study of $\Xi^{*0}$ and $\bar{\Xi}^{*0}$ in 250 GeV/c $\pi^-$. $K^-$ -nucleon Interacti
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2005-03 Tuttle, Joshua P. FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Duke U. A Search for Long-Lived Doubly-Charged Higgs Boson Production in anti-p p Collisions at sqrt(s)=1.96
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2005-02 Rajendra, Anoop FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Texas U., Arlington Integration of the SAM-grid infrastructure to the D0 data reprocessing effort
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2005-01 Quinones Gonzalez, Jose A. FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS) Puerto Rico U., Mayaguez Nuevos aspectos en el estudio de la particula D en el experimento FOCUS de Fermilab
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2004-07 Francis, Kurt NIU, DeKalb Evaluating Small Scintillating Cells for Digital Hadron Calorimeters
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2004-06 Zois, Miltiadis G. FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS) Athens U. Neutrino oscillations: analysis of the response of the detector of the MINOS experiment to neutrino
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2004-05 Meyer, Jorg Manfred FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Bonn U. Monte Carlo Study of the Measurement of the top - anti-top Production Cross-Section in the Muon + Je
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2004-04 Kroeninger, Kevin Alexander FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Bonn U. A Measurement of the Top Quark Mass with the D0 Detector at $\sqrt{s}$ = 1.96-TeV using the Matrix E
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2004-03 Park, Su-Jung FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Bonn U. Measuring the top anti-t Production Cross-Section in the Electron + Jets Channel in Proton - Anti-pr
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2004-02 Olivo Gomez, Miguel Angel FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) San Luis Potosi U. Inclusive Production of Lambda, Anti-Lambda and K(S) in Sigma-, pi+/- and p - Nucleon Collisions
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2004-01 Mata Salazar, Julio Heriberto FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) San Luis Potosi U. Reconstruction in VDC A and B and its application to the resolution in the RICH detector of SELEX
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2003-05 Petrillo, Gianluca FNAL-E-0760 Turin U. Search for the State 1P1 of Charmonium in p anti-p to 3 Gamma Annihilations
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2003-04 Blanco-Covarrubias, E.Alejandro FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) San Luis Potosi U. Search for the Exotic State $U(3100)$ in SELEX
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2003-03 Penagos, Mauricio FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS) Puerto Rico U., Mayaguez Fotoproduccion de meson J/psi en el experimento FOCUS
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2003-02 Luiggi Lopez, Eduardo E. FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS) Puerto Rico U., Mayaguez Charm semileptonic decays in the FOCUS experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2003-01 Martins de Souza, Alexandre FNAL-E-0769 Rio de Janeiro, CBPF Study of the polarization of Lambda0 and anti-Lambda0 in pi+-, K+-, and p -nucleon collisions at 250
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2002-02 Rana, Abhishek S. FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Texas U., Arlington A Globally Distributed Grid Monitoring System to Facilitate High-Performance Computing at D0/SAM-Gri
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2002-01 Medellin Zapata, Juan FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) San Luis Potosi U. Investigation of the decay $\Lambda_c^+ \to p K^- \pi^+$
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2001-07 Edera, Laura FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS) Milan U. Dalitz analysis of the doubly Cabibbo suppressed decay D0 ---> K+- pi+- (and) the singly suppressed
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2001-06 Holcomb, Mark AUGER (Pierre Auger) Mississippi U. Leak detection in the Pierre Auger Cherenkov detectors
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2001-05 Andreotti, Mirco FNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM) Ferrara U. Study of the Form Factor of the Proton in the Timelike Region for Large Momentum Transfers
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2001-04 Askew, Andrew Warren FNAL-E-0823 (D0) Rice U. A comparison of multivariate data analysis techniques as applied to the identification of electrons
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2001-03 Da Ronco, Saverio FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Padua U. Prospettive per lo studio del canale adronico Bs->Ds pi all'esperimento CDF
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2001-02 Cortiana, Giorgio FNAL-E-0830 (CDF) Padua U. Un trigger per la Ricerca del bosone di Higgs a CDF-II
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2001-01 Hernandez Mora, Hugo Rafael FNAL-E-0831 (FOCUS) Puerto Rico U., Mayaguez A search for the rare decay neutral D meson going to muon+ muon-
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2000-07 Cibinetto, Gianluigi FNAL-E-0760 Ferrara U. Study of the final state J/Psi pi+- in charmonium decays
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2000-06 Legger, Federica FNAL-E-0760 Turin U. Formation of the state h_c of Charmonium in the reaction p anti-p -> h_c -> etac gamma -> phi phi ga
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2000-05 Bellavance, Angela M. FNAL-E-0799 (KTeV) Rice U. KTeV E799II search for the lepton-flavor-number violating decay kaon(long) going to neutral pion cha
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2000-04 Gutierrez Morales, Mario Ranferi FNAL-E-0871 (HyperCP) Guanajuato U., FIMEE Omega-minus Polarization Measurement in p Cu Reactions at 800 GeV
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2000-03 del Rosario Urrutia del Cid, Zaida FNAL-E-0871 (HyperCP) Guanajuato U., FIMEE Xi-minus Polarization Measurement in p Cu Reactions at 800 GeV
FERMILAB-MASTERS-2000-02 Fritzler, S. FNAL-E-0853 Darmstadt, Tech. Hochsch. Study of channeling radiation at high charge densities at the photoinjector of the Fermi National Ac
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1999-03 Descrovi, Emiliano FNAL-E-0760 Turin U Study of the reactions p anti-p -> etac -> 3 eta and p anti-p -> etac' -> 3 eta
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1999-02 Dirkes, Guido FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) Heidelberg, Max Planck Inst. Measurement of the pion electromagnetic form-factor in the SELEX experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1999-01 Massafferri Rodrigues, Andre FNAL-E-0791 Rio de Janeiro, CBPF Relative Branching Ratio Measurement of the Decays $D^+ \to \pi^+ \pi^- \pi^+$ and $D_s^+ \to \pi^+
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1998-06 Pellicano, Paolo FNAL-E-0760 Turin U. Study of the characteristics of the charmonium 3P0 (chi0) state in the reaction p anti-p -> chi0 ->
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1998-06 Busetti, N. FNAL-E-0741 (CDF) Padua U. Title unknown
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1998-05 Gichaba, Justus Ogwoka AUGER (Pierre Auger) Mississippi U. Measurements of TYVEK reflective properties for the Pierre Auger Project
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1998-04 Zacarias, Galileo Dominguez FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) San Luis Potosi U. Angular distribution of $K^0_s \to \pi^+ \pi^-$ in E781
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1998-03 Bocci, Andrea FNAL-E-0775 (CDF) Pisa U. A Study of Jet Energy Measurement at CDF
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1998-02 Ozel, Erdogan FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) Iowa U. Magnetic Field Values in SELEX (E781) Charm Baryon Production Experiment
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-09 Obertino, Margherita FNAL-E-0760 Turin U. Study of the radiative decay of the charmonium chi1 and chi2 states in the 835 experiment at Fermila
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-08 Bertini, Federico FNAL-E-0760 Turin U. Measurement of the Psi' -> Psi Pi+ Pi- branching ratio in the 835 experiment at Fermilab (Appendix:
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-07 Cardarelli, Mara FNAL-E-0760 Genoa U. Measurement of the Psi' branching ratios in P anti-P annihilations
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-06 Bassetti, Valerio FNAL-E-0760 Genoa U. Study of anti-p p -> J/psi ->e+e- angular distribution
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-05 Berg, Timothy John FNAL-E-0875 (MINOS) Minnesota U. Structural design of a high energy particle detector using liquid scintillator
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-04 Argiro, Stefano FNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM) Turin U. Study of the charmonium $1^{1}S_0$ and $1^{3}P_2$ decays to $\gamma \gamma$ (FNAL E835)
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-03 Kaya, Mithat FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) Iowa U. Multiwire proportional chambers in M1 and M3 spectrometers of charmed baryon experiment (E781) at Fe
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-02 Jie, Qiuming FNAL-E-0791 Mississippi U. Observation of the Charmed Meson Decay $D^0 \to K^{-} \pi^{+} \pi^0$
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1997-01 Brubaker, John C. IIT, Chicago Modeling the Dynamic Response of Pressures in a Distributed Helium Refrigeration System
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1996-10 Rylander, Jeffrey W. De Paul U. Muon Mean Lifetime Measurement in a High School Classroom
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1996-09 Cuautle Flores, Eleazar FNAL-E-0791 Puebla U., Mexico Production of heavy baryons in Fermilab experiment E791
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1996-08 Randa, Lynda A. Northern Illinois U. Prey Selectivity and Foraging Activity of Canis latrans and Vulpes vulpes in Response to Prey Fluctu
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1996-07 Garzoglio, Gabriele FNAL-E-0835 (CHARMONIUM) Genoa U. High density hydrogen target for experiment 835 at Fermilab
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1996-06 Rumerio, Paolo FNAL-E-0760 Turin U. Design, testing and operation of a system of proportional chambers for the E835 experiment at Fermil
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1996-05 Singh, Prajakta P. FNAL-E-0740 (D0) Northern Illinois U. Search for fourth generation quark
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1996-04 Durucan, Emrullah FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) Heidelberg U. Double-sided silicon micro strip detectors for SELEX
FERMILAB-MASTERS-1996-03 Simon, Jurgen FNAL-E-0781 (SELEX) Heidelberg U. Double-sided silicon micro strip detectors with zero-suppressed selection for the SELEX experiment
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