Fermilab Technical Publications

Updated 2019-05-24 06:30:55
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-109-TD Xu,Xingchen Enhancing specific heat of Nb3Sn superconductors to improve stability and reduce training
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-108-TD Marinozzi, Vittorio Analysis of the short to-ground event in the LARP-AUP MQXFAP1 magnet, and its implication on the pro
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-106-DI Grdanovsk, Slavica Water treatment via high power electron beam accelerator
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-105-ND De Rijck, Simon Searching for Large Extra Dimensions with MINOS and MINOS+
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-104-CD Terlyga, Olga Kerberos at Fermilab: Upgrade Story
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-103-TD Strauss, Thomas Superconducting Magnet Performance for the LCLS-II project
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-103-CD Buchanan, Norman Supporting HEP Data as the Exascale Era Approaches
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-101-AD Connolly, Thomas Axion Detection with Nonlinear Dielectric Materials
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-100-E Kim, On Reduction of the Coherent Betatron Oscillation Amplitude by the RF Electric Field for the Fermilab M
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-099-AE-CD Smith, J. Allyn Interesting Objects Found while Searching for Hot DAs
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-098-CD Austin, A. Event Generator Tuning Using HPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-097-CD Buchanan, N. HPC and Data Management for HEP
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-096-DI Grdanovska, Slavica Increased Highway Life via Electron Beam Initiated Polymer Modification
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-095-PPD Khaw, Kim Siang Muon Anomalous Precession Frequency Measurement Using Lead Fluoride Calorimeters in the Muon g-2 Exp
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-094-CD Altunay, Mine FERRY Frontier Experiments RegistRY
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-093-AD Lari, Luisella Preliminary Modelling of Radiation Levels at the Fermilab PIP-II Linac
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-092 Diaz, Alejandro Updated MiniBooNE Neutrino Oscillation Results within the Context of Global Fits to Short-Baseline N
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-091-ND Kleykamp, Jeffrey Measuring Transverse Momentum Imbalance in MINERvA's Nuclear Targets
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-089-E-ND Torbunov, Dmitrii NOvA Neutrino Disappearance Results 2018
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-088 Stenico, Gabriela Vitti A Short Travel for Neutrinos in Large Extra Dimensions
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-085-CMS Dutta, Irene Precision Timing with Silicon Photomultipliers
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-084-ND Meddage, Varuna Detector Calibration Using Through Going and Stopping Muons in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-083-ND Yates, L. Progress Toward a Deep-Learning-Based Search for Low-Energy Electron Neutrinos in MicroBooNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-082-ND Mogan, Andrew Towards Measuring Longitudinal Electron Diffusion in the MicroBooNE LArTPC
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-081-A Georgiadou, Antigoni Emulating Baryonic Effects in Weak Lensing Measurements
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-080-PPD Halewood-Leagas, Tabitha The Muon g-2 Straw Tracking Detectors
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-078-E Osofsky, Rachel Improving Magnetic Field Uniformity in the Muon g-2 Storage Ring
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-077-ND Papadopoulou, Afroditi Electrons for Neutrinos
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-072-ND Warburton, Karl Muon Neutrinos and Anti-Neutrinos in the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-071-ND Carroll, Thomas Three Flavor Oscillation Results from MINOS and MINOS+
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-068-CD Flumerfelt, Eric The Fermilab Test Beam Facility Data Acquisition System Using $otsdaq$
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-067-ND Moon, Jarrett Hunting Muon Neutrinos in MicroBooNE With Deep Learning Techniques
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-064-ND Fitzpatrick, Rory S. First Measurement of Monoenergetic Muon Neutrino Charged Current Interactions
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-061-E Schreckenberger, A.P. New Fast Kicker Results from the Muon g-2 E-989 Experiment at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-060-PPD Wu, W. Using Time Evolution of the Bunch Structure to Extract the Muon Momentum Distribution in the Fermila
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-059-PPD Wu, Wanwei Beam Dynamics in g-2 Storage Ring
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-058-CD Zhang, L. Continuing Efforts on Efficiency and Performance Improvement of mdtmFTP
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-053-AD Balcazar, Mario D. Tunable Q-Factor RF Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-052-AD Kuharik, J. Garnet Ring Measurements for the Fermilab Booster 2nd Harmonic Cavity
FERMILAB-POSTER-18-051-AD Madrak, R.L. Progress on the Construction of the Perpendicularly Biased 2nd Harmonic Cavity for the Fermilab Boos
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-046-AD Young, Samantha Characterization of the IOTA Proton Source
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-045-APC Gross, Axel Beam Echoes in the Presence of Coupling
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-044-AD Chase, Brian Modular Low-Noise Piezoamplifier Driver for SRF Applications
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-043-AD Chase, Brian SoC Architectures in LLRF at Fermilab
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-042-TD Strauss, T. Quench Location in the LARP MQXFS1 Prototype
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-040-TD Strauss, Thomas The Mu2e Solenoid Cold Mass Position Monitor System
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-034-APC Lemus, Ricardo Lemus Calculating Residual Dose in Mu2e DS Hall
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-032-CD Gong, Qian Deep Packet/Flow Analysis using GPUs
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-031-TD Kaplan, A. Nanoscale Investigation of Nitrogen Treatment for SRF Cavities (Temperature Dependence and Other Nov
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-029-PPD Keith, Celeste A Microlensing Search for Primordial Black Holes in Dark Energy Survey Date
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-028-ND Ewart, Kevin D. Validating Nuclear Models for Neutrino Scattering Using Electron Data
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-027-AD-APC Cammarota, Justin REDTOP Beam Modeling for Raised Transition Energy and Third Integer Resonance Extraction
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-026-PPD Cotter, Cory Data Quality Software for the South Pole Telescope
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-025-AE Trask, Makayla Inner-Shell Electron Recoil Discrimination in Xenon
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-024-PPD Marchan, Miguelangel Analyzing Noise for the Muon Silicon Scanner
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-023-ND Tilly, Elizabeth Near-Infrared Scintillation of Liquid Argon
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-021-ND Bowles, Reed Progress Towards a Neutral Current $\pi^0$ Cross Section Analysis in the NOvA Near Detector
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-020-ND Barron, Olivia Dip-Coated Light Guide Production and Testing for DUNE
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-019-ND Safford, Twymun K. Neural Network Analysis on the NOvA Experiment
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-018-AD Seleznev, Daniel Extraction of the Muon Beam Frequency Distribution via the Fourier Analysis of the Fast Rotation Sig
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-016-CMS Silverio, Diana Leon Signal Study of the Pair Production of Z’ Bosons Decaying to Dark Matter and Boosted Jets at CMS
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-015-FESS Tame Narvaez, Karla Wire Chambers and Cherenkov Detectors at Fermilab Test Beam Facility
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-014-PPD Aguilera, Daniel Digitization of Analog Signals using a Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA)
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-013-ND Orea, Adrian NUISANCE-GENIE Validation and Sample Additions
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-011-AD Ainsworth, R. Transition Crossing in the Main Injector for PIP-II
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-010-TD Chakravarty, Anindya PIP-II Cryogenic System and the Evolution of Superfluid Helium Cryogenic Plant Specifications
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-009-CD Lu, W. BigData Express - Toward Schedulable, Predictable, and High-Performance Data Transfer
FERMILAB-POSTER-17-008-CD Gong, Qian Deep Packet/Flow Analysis using GPUs for High-Bandwidth Networks