Fermilab Core Computing Division

Core Computing Division


Appropriate Use of Government Telecommunications
The Laboratory's telecommunication systems are to be used for the conduct of official Laboratory business.  Personal use by employees and users is permissible only if it does not interfere with the performance of official duties and is of reasonable short duration and frequency, as determined by each employee's supervisor.  Supervisors are responsible for the proper use of the laboratory’s telecommunication systems within their areas and for minimizing employee utilization of lab owned devices for personal business.


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Fermilab Core Computing Division


Group Leader: Margaret LeKander x3221

Administrator: Kassandra Hernandez x6409

Technician: John Brandt x5411
Technician: Eric Kabbe x5411
Telecom Fax 630-840-3616 WH5W
Installations: x5411


To report a loss of landline phone service or for landline telephone repairs, access the Service Desk Web Portal at


Type "phone repair" in the search box and click the

"Telephone Repair" link.

Telecom offers telecommunication services to the lab that are cost effective while providing responsive customer service and quality of work to our end users in the following areas:

  • Traditional Telephone Services and Equipment
  • Voice Mail
  • Cellular Services
  • Paging
  • 2-Way Radio Equipment
  • Government Frequencies for 2-Way Communications


Telephone Services

Cellular Services

Paging Services

Telecommunications Equipment Transfer WORD PDF


Portable and Mobile Radio Repair / Move Request Form WORD PDF