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Telecommunications - Instructions for Completing Telecom Service Request

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A completed Telecom Service Request may be submitted to Telecom as an attachment in an email to telecom@fnal.gov, mailed to MS228, faxed to x3405, or brought directly to the department on WH5W.


The top portion of the request form should be completed in full with the appropriate information.


When possible, please include a specific dated when completing the Date Needed rather than requesting "ASAP". This is more helpful to the installers in prioritizing requests.


D/S/C and Dept: Provide a division and department name for which the work is being done. Avoid abbreviations or acronyms for departments.


Location of work: Specify the building, floor number and office or trailer number where work is to be performed.


List any Existing Phone Numbers affected by your request. If a new number is required, then specify "new number needed" in this area.


Include the FNAL Telset tag number all existing phone equipment involved in the request. This is a small silver metal tag usually found underneath or on the back of the phone equipment. Click here for a picture of the label. Notify the Telecom dept (x5411) if a FNAL telset tag cannot be found on a phone.


When completing the Contact Information, include the office location, extension(s), pager or cellular phone number. A secondary contact may also be given.


Approval should be handled according to the requesting division's policy.


Work Desired: This portion of the request should include as much information as possible regarding the scope of work to be provided. Attach additional information or maps/diagrams that may be of assistance in completing your request. Purchase requisitions should be attached when necessary.


If requesting voice mail on the service request, provide the full name of the mailbox user, their Fermi ID number, mail station, and the type of telephone being used to access voice mail. Voice mail can also be requested by submitting the completed Voice Mail Request form and submitting it to Telecom. Click here for Voice Mailbox Instructions

See descriptions of various telephone types below:

Click on equipment type to view a printable sample of the purchase requisition


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